This report has identified a series of actions the college intends to take in order to strengthen its compliance with each of the ten standards of accreditation. These actions may be grouped into categories for the purpose of implementation.




Items in this category involve the development, review, and refinement of institutional plans and policies. These items include the following, numbered by standard:


1.1 The college will develop measurable ways to determine if the Strategic Plan is consistent with the mission statement.


3.1 The college will review its Strategic Plan to include a research component and a research agenda to assist in the evaluation of the plan's initiatives.


3.9 The college will develop a plan for wide dissemination of its accomplishments in all areas of its operation.


5.2 The college will consider establishing an International Student Advisory Committee to develop a comprehensive program of services commensurate with the needs of its student population.


    1. The college will develop a contingency plan for rental of temporary buildings or commercial space in the likely event that the state approval of future construction lags while student enrollment increases.


9.2 The college will retain a Master Plan architect to update the 1996 Educational and Facilities Master Plan on a five year cycle.


10.3 The college will develop methods to ensure that the size and composition of the administrative staff, including classified leadership, is adequate to support the growth of the college.


10.5 The college will explore methods for strengthening faculty participation in governance consistent with the Academic Employee Master Agreement.


10.7 The district will develop new job descriptions as needed to delineate how the two reassigned dean positions will serve the district and colleges, and how the emeritus program will be administered at the district and college levels.


These items will be implemented through the appropriate and established shared governance procedures. For example, the Academic Senate will formulate policies that lie within its purview and forward them to the Board of Trustees for approval, as appropriate. Other planning tasks will fall within the domain of established shared governance committees. IVC's planning agenda includes the hiring of a dean of research, planning, and resource development to lead and support the institution's planning efforts.




Several items call for the development and dissemination of reports and documents, including the following:


3.4 The college will publish and disseminate outcomes of its planning and evaluation efforts through appropriate means including the college's web page.


3.8 The college will continue to clearly document achievements by disseminating status reports of the annual review of the Strategic Plan to ensure that faculty, staff and administrators are aware of current institutional goals.


6.4 The college will develop a Library and Information Technology Services Handbook, posted on the IVC Web site, to provide a single source of information about all Information Services provided to the students, faculty and staff.


8.4 The college will make faculty more aware of the existence of a college equipment maintenance fund and the process for requesting funding for instructional equipment replacement.


9.4 The college will clearly communicate the budget development process to the college community so that there is increased awareness of the manner in which the college is budgeted and managed.


10.6 The chancellor will take steps to insure that all faculty and staff are informed about and support the goals, plans, and priorities established for the district.


The appropriate knowledgeable and responsible staff members will produce these reports and documents and disseminate them through written and electronic memoranda and handbooks, flex week activities, and other established communication channels.




This category includes plans to carry out, extend, or strengthen established plans and programs:


3.2 The college will employ a dean of research, planning and resource development in an effort to provide stronger support in these areas.


3.10 The college will conduct a comprehensive community needs assessment to determine the public's perception of the institution and educational needs of the community-at-large.


4.2 The college will seek funding to hire more classified staff, per the classified hiring priority list, to support the existing programs and services.


    1. The college will explore and expand the use of non-traditionally delivered instructional methods such as technology and media-driven course offerings in order to provide greater access to students.


4.5 The college will document the computer literacy of the IVC student population and move forward with implementing computer literacy as a graduation requirement based on the study performed.


4.7 The college will move forward with its efforts to offer television courses on Channel 33, and hybrid and online courses via the Internet.


    1. The college will, through the shared governance policy, research the implementation of a policy of uniform operating hours for all student services.


6.1 The library collection will increase by 28% per year over the next three years.

6.3 The college will strive to finalize district financial support for the development and acquisition of a common set of database reference tools.


6.5 The college will attempt to bring the library staffing to national standard levels and add appropriate clerical and technical staffing to the learning centers.


6.6 The college will develop a plan to hire a library director consistent with the institutional hiring mechanism and budgetary constraints.


6.7 The college will strive to increase the library budget to meet the growing needs for acquisition, access and maintenance of traditional and non-traditional resources, including audiovisual materials.


6.8 The college will continue efforts to increase the access to information services provided by the library from other institutions, including U.C. Irvine.


8.5 The college will give priority to increasing the technical support staff assigned to instructional laboratories, as funds become available.


9.6 The college will continue to work towards a goal of no audit exceptions, and will improve its response time to correct any audit exceptions identified.


9.8 The college will strive to establish the recommended classified management position in the Bursar's Office.


Even though identified as important institutional priorities, items in this category cannot generally be implemented as routinely or quickly as those in the preceding categories since they are subject to the uncertainties of state funding, as well as the requirements of shared governance.




Plans assigned to this category involve establishing a new process or modifying an existing one. They include:


5.3 The college will research strategies for the secure handling of student transcripts from other colleges.


5.4 The college will develop and implement procedures to ensure confidentiality and safety of student files.


7.1 The college will strive to involve all segments of the staff in the ongoing review of all personnel policies and procedures.


    1. The college will consider and evaluate suggestions that priority instructional equipment purchase requests be evaluated and funded before any general allocation of State Block Grant Funds are made.


    1. The college will work with the district to review and refine Board Policy 2100.1, consistent with state law and the advice of the state chancellor of community colleges and the state Academic Senate, in order to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Academic Senate in institutional self-governance.


10.9 The district will develop a process to facilitate change in a more expedient manner, ensuring thorough and inclusive review.


These items will generally require multi-level review by the appropriate shared governance units, and possible approval by the Board of Trustees.




These items propose the acquisition of data on and the evaluation of existing policies, procedures, and programs. The proposed dean of planning, research, and resource development, the new student photographic identification system, and the upcoming Buzzeo information system will all facilitate the necessary data acquisition. The evaluative component will generally necessitate the use of shared governance procedures, with some items falling within the scope of the established program review process. Items in this category include:


    1. The college will monitor the current administrative organization and, as needed, consider adjustments.


    1. The chancellor will monitor the effectiveness of communications between the district and the college and take corrective actions as necessary to improve the perceptions reflected in the survey.